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All students can learn when they are accepted and respected for who they are. I believe that, in order to be an educator, you need to grant the students the opportunity to learn, create and speak their mind; also, to make mistakes. The learning process can only occur when students are enticed to meet their full potential. My main goal while teaching Spanish is to give my students the opportunity to learn and use Spanish in real life situations.

Effective instruction requires collaboration between teacher, students, and parents. Since I believe learning takes place within a positive environment, my goal is to create a student-centered classroom and reach every student. I am certain this type of classroom allows critical thinking, as well as creativity, as students create rather than become passive recipients of instruction, as Paulo Freire states in his book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, 1997. 

The art of education provides students new ways to communicate and connect with the outside world. I use several instructional techniques, taking into consideration differentiated instruction and different learning styles. This way I can provide students with opportunities to explore different interests. These learning methods include naturalist, music, verbal-linguistic, kinesthetic, visual, and dramatic intelligences. Nowadays, students are immersed in social interaction and entertainment through technology, such as Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, and Twitter. I find that implementing this technology not only is convenient and entertaining, but also practical and educational as well. It already is an integral part of my students’ everyday lives! 

I am confident in my students ability to reach their goals, this is why I hold them to high expectations. Education is essential to equip students with the necessary tools to navigate in our society. Each one of my students is unique and enters my classroom with hopes, dreams and aspirations. My goal is to welcome all of these dreamers by letting them find their drive to reach their expectations, goals, and success in their lives.

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